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Asa Irons is as genuine as they come. A carpenter hidden away in the woods of Maine, though hailing originally from New Hampshire. Asa’s songs channel and reflect the solemnity and humor of those New England woods. “Knife Gift Debt” is distinctly the work of this humble artist – proficient, subtle, honest, haunting beauty completely without pretense. Written by Asa, recorded/co-produced by Micah Blue Smaldone and Caleb Mulkerin, and featuring contributions from Big Blood, Micah, Tom K, Janane Tripp, and other friends. Asa has performed with many projects, including Feathers, Witch, MV&EE, and Taboo.

A very special thank you to Turned Word, who co-released this record and did a lot of the leg work. Very honored to have worked with Dan and Amy and to be involved with the release of such an incredible album.


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