Outside, the Great Drought

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First Hyena LP.  agh, here’s what the Wire said,
“I’ve often wondered why more groups don’t sound like Comus. Their combination of jangly folk, wheezy medieval wind, cunning-man vocals and proto-funk strut is one of the 20th century music’s greatest musical inventions. East Coast multi-instrumentalist Colby Nathan is one of the few brave enough to step up to the boots and try them on for size; finding them roomy, he tops them up with Hounds Of Love-style dram-glamour (which includes double bass, fiddle, bassoon, flute and cello) through a series of mutant folk ideas that peak, each time, in a bashy torch-song chorus: “Salutations” has a shanty feel, with skiffle board percussion and mariachi horns; “Portraits” is doo-wop, trimmed with Andean flutes; and so on. The heart-on-sleeve melodicism of the writing sometimes threatens mawkishness, but is mostly kept on point by Colby’s voice, a witchy, androgynous mezzo.” issue 340 June 2012


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