to book Colby Nathan, (New England) Patriots,
Clay Camero (Caethua) & the County Line Bandits,
Dimples, Tom K & C. Nathan duo,
or heck, even Experimental Santa...
email: laughablerecordings@gmail.com

Summer European Tour with Big Blood and all other performances postponed due to COVID-19. Will update once it’s safe for us to gather again - please stay safe friends.  I’ll miss seeing y’all!  


Needs to be updated, sorry, whoa!


Colby Nathan
April 28th / Online / Space Gallery House Show Series w/ Tom Kovacevic

Colby ‘Single Dimple’ Nathan
March 4th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ SSS, the Cradle, and the Veazies 

(New England) Patriots
February 22nd / Queens, NY / Trans Pecos TERRY TURTLE MEMORIAL FEST

Colby Nathan
January 27th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Katie Addada Shlon, Matt Bachmann, and Lisa/Liza

Mr. Colby Nathan & Strange Brendan
January 17th / Portland, ME / Strange Maine w/ Dr. Pete Larson

January 2nd / Alicante, Spain / 8y1/2 w/ Thérèse
January 3rd / Valencia, Spain / Centro Excursionista w/ Thérèse
January 4th / Barcelona, Spain / Ojalá estë mi bici w/ Thérèse
January 8th / Lisbon, Portugal / Aposentadoria
January 9th / Lison, Portugal / Sabotage Rock’n’Roll Club
January 10th / Braga, Portugal / Cantigas Do Poco
January 11th / Pontevedra, Spain / Liceo Mutante
January 12th / Madrid, Spain / Sequía

December 30th / Benicarló, Spain / Plug in the Gear w/ Thérèse
December 29th / Zaragoza, Spain / La lata de bombillas w/ Thérèse
December 28th / Madrid, Spain / La Faena II w/ Thérèse

December 21st (Xmas Eve Eve Eve Eve) / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater
the 8th Annual Spectacular feat. the Video Christies, Jolly Tom K, and more special guests and surprises!

Colby Nathan
November 29th / Greenfield, MA / 10.Forward w/ L.uxe, Lucy
November 22nd / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Million Brazilians (feat. Tom Kovacevic), Lauren Tosswill, DJ Ash and Herb

Strange Brendan
November 5th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Bill Stone

Colby Nathan
November 1st / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Joshua Burkett, Allysen Callery

Colby Nathan as Pan
October 25th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ VIDEO NASTIES BLACK MASS DANCE PARTY

Colby Nathan
September 13th / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery w/ Megabog, Sierra D’Amours

Colby Nathan & BIG BLOOD
August 23rd / Greenfield, MA / the Root Cellar w/ Human Adult Band, Jim Schmidt
August 24th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Human Adult Band, Jim Schmidt

Clay Camero & the County Line Bandits
Aug 3rd / Mountain Signal Unit presents the 1st Farm Test at Lothlorien Farm
July 26 / Greenfield, MA / the Root Cellar w/ Indian Picture Show, Chevy Pile

(New England) Patriots
July 14th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Urochromes, Video Nasties

Clay Camero & the County Line Bandits
July 2nd / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery w/ Mdou Moctar

(New England) Patriots
June 29th / Allston, MA / O’brien’s Pub w/ Lithics, Stefan Christiansen

Greg Jamie band
June 28th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Advance Base, Claire Cronin

(New England) Patriots
May 28th / Portland, ME / Space Gallery w/ Jon Spencer and the HITmakers

Colby ‘Single Dimple’ Nathan
May 11th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Joey Agresta fka Joey Pizza Slice, the Cradle, Holy People, the Veazies

Colby Nathan
May 4th / Portland, ME / Carleton St. w/ Russian Tsarlag, Dan Talbot, Baby; Baby, and Tayler

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
April 29th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Banny Grove, Bright Boy
April 1st / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater / Strange Maine Sweet 16
w/ Big Blood, Visitations/AM Frank, Clay Camero (solo), the Veazies, Crayon, Fagile Clark, Lauren Tosswill

(New England) Patriots
March 31st / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Psychic Gaveyard, Child Abuse, Tarantula Brothers
March 30th / Pawtucket, RI / Machines with Magnets w/ Pyschic Graveyard, Child Abuse, Valerie Martino

Colby Nathan
February 23rd / Greenfield, MA / Root Cellar w/ Ruth Garbus, Lucy, Botanica Wilde

(New England) Patriots
January 30th / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater w/ Guerilla Toss


Experimental Santa
December 22nd / Portland, ME / Apohadion Theater - 7th Annual

(New England) Patriots
November 10th / Cambridge, MA / Hassle Fest 10 w/ Video Nasties, Leya, In Heat, and more

Clay Camero and the County Line Bandits
November 3rd / Providence, RI / Columbus Theater w/  Violet, Mille, and Virusse
October 27th / Kingfield, ME / Inn on Winter’s Hill

Colby Nathan as DJ C.Nile Mummy with TJ Spunk Ape
October 20th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion for B Nasty’s Horror Movie Night 8mm, 16m, super8

Colby Nathan
October 18th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Frank Hurricane, Teton, the Crenshaw

(New England) Patriots
September 1st / Dorcester, MA / Dorcester Art Project w/ Video Nasties, Thighs, Gizzards=

Colby Nathan / Big Blood
August 18th / Beacon, NY / Quinn’s w/ Sowndhauz
August 17th / Providence, RI / Columbus Theater w/ Huntress and the Holder of Hands

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
August 15th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ the Doilies, Mousa

Colby Nathan / Big Blood
August 11th / Dorcester, MA / Dorcester Art Project w/ Ian Kovac=
August 10th / Burlington, VT / Amy E. Tarrant Gallery w/ Wren Kitz

Colby Nathan and Tom Kovacevic
July 28th  / Kennebunk, ME / Laughable Barn w/ Big Blood, Video Nasties, Heart Murmur Sounds Good

Clay Camero and the County Line Bandits
July 27th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Janane Tripp, Video Nasties

Colby Nathan
July 25th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Eyes of Love, the Cradle, Greef

Tatsuya Nakatani's Gong Orchestra
June 2nd / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery

(New England) Patriots
May 19th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Nature Boys, Video Nasties

Colby Nathan
May 18th / Allston, MA / Trixie’s w/ Ralph White, Nature Boys, Bad History Month
May 4th / Wonder Valley, CA / the Palms – All Summer’s Eve Desert Rendezvous
April 12th / Los Angeles, CA / All Star Lanes w/ Morgan Garrett, Visqueen, Total Septum, Kevin Greenspon

(New England) Patriots “get back in the saddle”
April 1st / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts anniversary w/ Scum, Jazz Massagers
March 31st / Brooklyn , NY / Hart's Bar w/ Dog, Trigger, Decor
March 30th / Norfolk, VA / Wolf’s Den
March 29th / Harrisonburg, VA @ Little Grill w/ Buck Gooter, Gloop, Sag. Rucker
March 28th / Lexington, KY/ Green Lantern w/ DPCLB, Bone Heaver
March 27th / Nashville, TN / Fond Object w/ Donors, Bl_nk
March 25th / Asheville, NC / Static Age w/ Graham Baldwin, Filthy, Harsh Mike
March 24th / Richmond, VA / Southside
March 23rd / Pittsburgh, PA / Rock Room w/ Anita Fix, In Arthur's Court, YRS
March 22nd / Philadelphia, PA / the Vat w/ Control Point, Shane Riley, Zane

(New England) Patriots
February 27th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Sediment Club, Banny Grove, Nadia
February 26th / Allston, MA / Trixie’s w/ Sediment Club, Thighs
February 16th / Allston, MA / Great Scott w/ Palm, Spirit of the Beehive

Colby Nathan / Jessie Jinx
February 10th / Asheville, NC / Static Age – Western Weirdos w/ Unholy Trio
February 7th / West Asheville, NC / Fleetwood’s w/ Seth Kessel, the Dirty Dutch Trio

Greg Jamie Band / Colby Nathan with Dylan Kumnick
January 18th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Colleen Kinsella, the Asthmatic


Experimental Santa
December 22nd / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Lauren Tosswill
December 20th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts JP w/ Bong Wish, Jazz Massagers

Greg Jamie band tour with Lisa/Liza and Advance Base / Colby Nathan*
December 10th / Cambridge, MA / Atwoods
December 9th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Greef
December 8th / Biddeford, ME / Hogfarm Studios
December 7th / Rollinsford, NH / Sue’s
December 6th / Brattleboro, VT / Stone Church w/ Ruth Garbus
December 5th / Burlington, VT / the Lamp Shop w/ Wren Kitz
December 4th / Turners Falls / Brick House* w/ Wendy Eisenberg

Colby Nathan
December 3rd / Hudson, NY / Lazar’s Old Gallery
December 2nd / Philadelphia, PA / the Vat w/ Jo Nelson, Color Options, SCC

Jessie Jinx & Colby Nathan
November 30th / Asheville, NC / Fleetwood’s (w/ a set of Colby’s songs)
November 29th / Knoxville, TN / Pilot Light
November 28th / Kansas City, MO

Jessie and the Jinx
November 18th / Los Angeles, CA / Rec Room – Buck’s Drive-Thru Country Review
November 16th / Landers, CA / Landers Brew w/ Victoria Williams, C. Nathan
November 15th / Phoenix, AZ / Palo Verde
November 14th / Tucson, AZ / moved to a bar…
November 12th / Marfa, TX / Lost Horse Saloon (broke down in El Paso, never made it)
November 11th / Truth or Consequences / Brewery w/ AT and the Fantasy Suites
November 9th / Santa Fe / Zephyr Community Art Space w/ C. Nathan
November 8th / Albuquerque, NM / Corrales Bistro (earlier), Moonlight Lounge (later)
November 7th / Amarillo, TX / Leftwoods Bar
November 6th / Oklahoma City, OK / Red Rooster
November 5th / Fayetteville, AR / Backspace
November 4th / Batesville, AR / City Park
November 3rd / Memphis, TN / Murphy’s
November 2nd / Nashville, TN / Spring Water
November 1st / Asheville, NC / Double Crown

Colby Nathan
October 28th / Harrisonburg, VA / Little Grill w/ Terry Turtle Art Opening, Zooanzoo, Shuna Sassi
October 26th / Queens, NY / Trans Pecos w/ Ed Askew Band (record release), New Ones

Clay Camero &  the County Line Bandits
October 21st / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Video Nasties, Tarantula Brothers, Broken Generator

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
October 6th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Ralph White, White Gourd, DJ Corum

(New England) Patriots
September 10th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Jessie Jinx (w. C. Nathan), Miami Dolphin, Ossalot
September 9th / Allston, MA / whats that house called? w/ Miami Dolphins, Trim

Colby Nathan
August 5th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Big Blood, Village of Spaces

Clay Camero & the County Line Bandits / (New England) Patriots / lighting for Nappy THC
July 29th / Belfast, ME / Ro He Ge – Soma Daze

(New England) Patriots
July 20th / Portland, ME / the Apohadion w/ Buck Gooter, Mark Cone, Diva Cup
July 15th / Cambridge, MA / Elks Lodge w/ Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Doomsday Student, Peach Ring

Colby Nathan with Big Blood mini tour
July 14th / Becket, MA / Dream Away Lodge w/ Ruth Garbus
July 13th / Providence, RI / 159 Sutton St.

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
June 14th / Portland, ME / Oxbow w/ Tashi Dorji, Jesus Cactus

Colby Nathan
June 7th / Portland, ME / Al Green’s Basement w/ Giving Up, Louie Louie, Ossalot

Dimples Whimpering Cross the USA  tour
May 18th / Belfast, ME / Ro He Ge w/ Caethua + Olga
May 14th / Portland, ME / Oxbow w/ Caethua, Fragile and Harm
May 13th / Providence, RI / Operatheque w/ Caethua, Universal Cell Unlock, Charles Allin Quintet
May 12th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Marmion Center For the Arts w/ Wendy Eisenberg, JOSS, Ryan Kayhart
May 11th / Turners Falls, MA / L7
May 10th / Brooklyn, NY / Forty Nine Shade w/ Eyes of Love, Blood Club, Beautiful Slasher
May 9th / Philadelphia, PA / R & D Records
May 8th / Columbus, OH / Jen’s North Fourth w/ Naan Violence
May 7th / Indianapolis, IN / Hakk.haus
May 6th / Chicago, IL / Situations w/ Banny Grove, Couteau Sang, Gosh, Pledge Drive
May 5th /Rock Island, IL / Rozz-Tox
May 4th / Minneappolis, MN / Seward Cafe
May 3rd / Omaha, NE / Brothers Lounge w/ Olga, David Nance Group
May 1st /Denver, CO / Club Scum w/ Homebody, Petite Garcon, Chris
April 30th / Boulder, CO / McKrissy's house
April 28th / Tempe, AZ / 1317 W. Laird St w/ Diners, Doomed to Bloom
April 23rd / Landers, CA / Women’s Center w/ Buck Gooter, Side Thing, Mark Cone, Maximillian

Clay Camero & the County Line Bandits / Dimples
March 29th / Joshua Tree, CA / Taylor Junction w/ Victoria Williams, Grant  
March 28th / Los Angeles, CA / Lot 1 w/ Syko Friend, Follies

March 14th / Joshua Tree, CA / Taylor Junction

Colby Nathan
February 25th / Joshua Tree, CA / Sarah Harris house w/ Froogy’s Groovies, Teenage Chain, Fingerprince, Shadowbod/Brightbody, the Flotsam
February 13th / Los Angeles, CA / the Y w/ Ralph White, Harmony Tividad

February 11th / Tijuana, MEX / Because We Love You fest w/ Banny Grove, and many more

Papa C. Nathan & Buddy Tom K. w/ Tina and *Ralph White
January 20th / Los Angeles, CA / Ham and Eggs w/ the Lentils, Olga, Itch Princess
January 19th / Yucca Valley, CA / Frontier Cafe*
January 18th / Phoenix, AZ / Trunk Space*
January 17th / Tucson, AZ / Exploded View Gallery* w/ Skincage, Al Perry & Roman
January 16th / Las Cruces, NM / Camp the Farm*
January 15th / Marfa, TX / Lost Horse Saloon*
January 14th / Austin, TX / Cheer Up Charlies*
January 13th / Denton, TX / Rick’s house
January 12th  / Houston, TX / Notsuoh
January 11th /New Orleans, LA / Dorgenois House w/ Victoria Shen, the Cradle
January 10th / Memphis, TN / Lamplighter
January 9th / Nashville, TN / Betty's
January 8th /Lexington, KY / Green Lantern w/ Primitive Ricky, Italian Beaches
January 7th / Harrisonburg, VA / Golden Pony w/ Buck Gooter
January 6th / Allentown, PA / Coffee Shop Without Limits
January 5th / Philadelphia, PA / the Vat
January 4th / Queens, NY / Trans Pecos w/ Ed Askew Band, Postman, Yairms
January 3rd / Allston, MA / the old dreamy spot


Papa C. Nathan & Buddy Tom K.
December 29th / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery w/ Video Nasties, Clay Camero

Experimental Santa *CHEW* tour
December 18th / Turners Falls, MA / C&C Music Factory w/ Jen Gelineau, Jennifer Vanilla, Omeed Goodarzi
December 17th / Lowell, MA / UnchARTed w/ Jen Gelineau, Holiday Olympics
December 16th / Dover, NH / Ratskellar w/ Jen Gelineau, SSS, Chrombus Twig
December 15th / Brooklyn, NY / the Glove
December 14th / Allston, MA / Hexlab w/ SSS, Victoria Shen, Confusion Band
December  13th / Portland, ME / Zero Station w/ Jeremy Harris, Russian Tsarlag, Dan Talbot, Lauren Tosswill, Greg Jamie

(New England) Patriots
December 8th / Brooklyn, NY / Sunnyvale w/ PC Worship, Neolibz, LGHQ

Colby Nathan
November 28th / New Haven, CT / Lyric Hall Theater w/ Joey Pizza Slice, Audra Isadora, Wren Kitz

Papa C. Nathan & Buddy Tom K.
November 19th / Portland, ME / Portland Co-Op

Papa C. Nathan & Buddy Tom K. with Greg Jamie
November 17th / Kennebunk, ME / the Nonantum Resort

Dimples East
October 31st / Portland, ME / Oxbow w/ Karl Blau, LAKE

October 28th / Portland, ME / Oxbow w/ Beguiling Isles, White Gourd

Papa C. Nathan as Vitreous Humor
October 20th / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams, Unguent, Lauren Tosswill
October 13th / Cambridge, MA / Lilypad w/ Living Temples, JOSS

(New England) Patriots
October 9th / Allston MA / Mark Fede's w/ Essential Tremors, Suicide Magnets

Dimples East
October 7th / Portland, ME / Greg’s apartment w/ Ralph White, Lisa/Liza, Greef

Pup’s first tour (*Tina) – Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic & Ralph White trio
October 6th / Burlington, VT / Wutterman Manor
October 5th / Millers Falls, MA / the Church feat. Adrienne Berry on sax + Matt Robidoux on guitar
October 4th / Providence, RI / Dan Talbot’s house feat. Adrienne Berry on sax

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
September 28th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts JP w/ Ralph White, Rob Noyes

September 8th / Portland, ME / The Garage w/ Bad History Month, Follies, Family Planning

(New England) Patriots
August 27th / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery w/ What Cheer? Brigade, Mal Devisa

Colby Nathan with Tom Kovacevic
August 22nd / Portland, ME / St. John St. w/ Banny Grove, Grape Room, Fragile Clark

(New England) Patriots
August 19th / Cambridge, MA / the MIddle East - Boston Fuzztival

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
August 12th / Montville, ME / Kingdom Falls – Soma Daze

Tom Kovacevic with Colby Nathan
July 31st / Portland, ME / St. John St. w/ Wei Zhongle, 3D Jet Scooter

Colby Nathan
July 24th / Greenfield, MA / Big Fruity Picnic 2

(New England) Patriots
July 23rd / Cambridge, MA / the Lilypad w/ Ian Sweet, Giving Up, Birthing Hips

Colby Nathan
July 22nd / Lower Allston, MA / Smokey Bear Cave w/ Isa X, Jarva Land, Con Tex

Greg Jamie Band / Dimples East
July 15th / Portland, ME / Bayside Bowl w/ Lisa/Liza, Purrer

Colby Nathan
July 10th / Portland, ME / Local Sprouts w/ Noise Table, Cruise Whisp

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
July 9th / Bar Harbor, ME / Lompoc

Colby Nathan
July 1st / Biddeford, ME / Banded Horn

Dimples East
June 24th / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Thorna, Suicide Magnets, Robot Neutron, 3D Jet Scooter

Colby Nathan & Tom Kovacevic duo
May 13th / Portland, ME / Carlton St. w/ Annie Belch, the Cradle

Caethua/Ralph White/Tom Kovacevic/Colby Nathan
May 11th / Brooklyn, NY / Palisades w/ Ed Askew Band
May 10th / New Haven, CT / Fish House w/ Alexander
May 9th / Allston, MA / Brainerd w/ W00dy, Dust from 1000 Years, Bad History Month
May 8th / Providence, RI / Operatheaque
May 7th / Amherst, MA / Mystery Train
May 6th / Bennington, VT / Bennington College w/ Follies, Bad History Month

(New England) Patriots
May 5th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts w/ PC Worship , Creepers, Puzzle Mansion

(New England) Patriots tour
April 23rd / Boston, MA / New England Underground Music Fest w/ Video Nasties, Pile and many more
April 22nd/ New York, NY / Aviv w/ The Sediment Club , Guardian Alien, Worse
April 21st / Philadelphia, PA / LAVASpace w/ Buck Gooter, Bugs and Rats, Northern Liberties
April 20th / Pittsburgh, PA / Rock Room w/ Radon Chong, Tanning Machine
April 19th / Columbus, OH / Cafe Bourbon
April 17th / Nashville, TN / drkmtr w/ Gnarwhal, Tomato Face, Sallow
April 16th / Louisville, KY/ Kaiju w/ Rude Weirdo
April 15th / Chicago, IL / Situations w/ Christmas Bride, Blood Licker
April 14th / Madison, WI / Mickey’s Tavern w/ Hallowed Bells, Conjuror
April 13th / Minneapolis, MN / Riverboat w/ Miami Dolphins, Mar Harbrine, Egg Replacer
April 12th / Iowa City, IA / Breast Imagining Center, w/ Hello Ocho, Haunter
April 11th / Kansas City , MO / Blind Tiger w/ Phantom Head, Tongues
April 10th / St. Louis, MO / w/ Hardbody, Skin Tags, Blight Future
April 9th / Memphis , TN / The Lamplighter w/ Aquarian Blood
April 8th / New Orleans, LA / Taylors house w/ Nulo, One Off
April 7th / Tallahassee, FL / TV Land w/ Yikes, Sleeper Key
April 6th / Miami, FL / Churchil's w/ Pariuh, Rat Bastard
April 5th / St. Petersburg, Fl / the Bends w/ Permanent Makeup
April 4th / Gainesville, FL / Shantytown
April 2nd / Norfolk, VA / Charlie's Cafe
April 1st / Harrisonburg, VA / MACROCK2016
March 31st / Allentown, PA / Goodweeknd w/ Gym Shorts
March 30th / Bennington, VT / Bennington College

Colby Nathan + Tom Kovacevic duo
March 11th / Worcester, MA / Firehouse
March 10th / Philadelphia, PA / Fletcher's house w/ Unguent
March 9th / Norfolk, VA / Wolf's Den
March 8th / Charleston, SC / Vinyl Countdown
March 7th / Macon, GA / Fresh Produce

Colby Nathan/Dimples* tour with Caethua and the Cool Blue Shadows (feat. Bob New), Tom Kovacevic
March 5th / Jacksonville, FL / Burro Bar w/ Tim Albro
March 4th / New Orleans, LA / Mudlark Theater w/ Rotten Milk
March 3rd / Houston, TX / Beta Theater w/ Ralph White
March 1st / Austin, TX / Museum of Human Achievement w/ Ralph White
February 29th / Dallas, TX / Outwardbound mix tape session at RBC w/ Ralph White
February 27th / Kansas City, MO / Night Blooms
February 26th / St. Louis, MO / Foam
February 25th / Nashville, TN / DRKMATTR
February 24th / Asheville, NC / Static Age
February 23rd / Harrisonburg / Nu Pie w/ Buck Gooter
February 21st / Brooklyn, NY / Trans-Pecos w/ Eartheater, Sunk Heaven
February 20th / Turners Falls, MA / Brick House* w/ Ruth Garbus
February 19th / Providence, RI / Tommy's*
February 18th / Boston, MA / Deep Thoughts* w/ Trim
February 13th / Portland, ME / Space Annex Trail Off*


Experimental Santa
December 26th / Dover, NH / Ryan’s house w/ Tom Kovacevic, Pickpocket, Dirty Nap
December 20th / Turners Falls, MA / Brick House w/ Chopan, Bryan Gillig, Eye in the Sky Guy
December 19th / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Chopan, Greef, Jarvaland

(New England Patriots)
December 8th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts JP w/ Running, Pucker Up
December 3rd / Cambridge, MA / OoTB2 w/ Gun Outfit, Dyr Faser

Colby Nathan & Matt Robidoux tour
November 17th / Greenfield, MA / John Doe Jr. w/ Angela Sawyer, Anne-f Jacques + Tim Olive, Matt Krefting, Embarker, Cruud
November 16th / Hamilton, CA / Strangebarn w/ Abstract Body, Please
November 15th / Toronto, CA /Imperial Pub w/ Blunt Chunks, Colin Fisher
November 14th / Montreal, CA / La Plante w/ Fatter Dust, Ylang Ylang, At Peace, Quantum
November 13th / Burlington, VT / New City Galerie  w/ Wren Kitz, Staples

(New England Patriots)
November 8th / Providence, RI / Red Room, w/ Urochromes, Chemiplastica, Finished
November 6th / Haverford, PA / Haverford College
November 5th / Cambridge, MA / Elks Lodge, HASSLE FEST 5
October 23rd / Cambridge, MA / Club Bohemia w/ Nots, Ursula, Germ House
September 24th / Cambridge, MA / OoTB2 w/ Sediment Club, Men & Volts, La Noia
September 4th / Allston, MA / Black Lodge, w/ Tomato Face, Ursula, Dog, Cavemen, Yrrap Yrrap
September 2nd / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts w/ Bugs and Rats, the Ultimatum Trio

(New England Patriots)
August 21st + 22nd / West Kennebunk, ME / NEST FEST III

Colby Nathan
August 2nd / Kittery, ME / Buoy Gallery w/ Chris Weisman, id m theft able, Curse Purse

(New England) Patriots
August 1st / Cambridge, MA / OoTB2 w/ Nice Guys, Power Masters, Jim Leonard, G. Gordon Gritty

Colby Nathan
July 29th / Ridgewood, NY / Trans-Pecos w/ Josephine Foster, Ed Askew Band
July 25th / Worcester, MA / Firehouse w/ Tom Kovacevic (did this happen or move to J.D.jr?)
July 24th / Amherst, MA / Mystery Train Records w/ Tom Kovacevic, Shrinnirs, Estey Organ Project

(New England) Patriots
July 22nd / Greenfield, MA / John Doe Jr. w/ Toupee, Sediment Club, Syko Friend, Gay Mayor
July 20th / Cambridge, MA / Middle East Upstairs w/ Toupee, Guerilla Toss, What? Cheer Brigade

Colby Nathan
Grass Stains @ Revere Beach
July 18th / Allston, MA / Grandma’s House w/ Tom Kovacevic, Couples Counseling, Blood Club
July 18th / Revere Beach, MA / Grass Stains w/ Tom Kovacevic and many more
July 17th / Providence, RI / that giant warehouse w/ Tom Kovacevic, Thorn (Tayla)

Colby and the Nasties + Greg Jamie band
July 11th / Portland, ME / Dirigimus Fest

(New England) Patriots
July 1st - Lowell, MA @ unchARTed w/ Jobs

(New England) Patriots tour
June 19th / Brooklyn, NY / 538 w/ Show Me The Body, Bbiggppigg
June 18th / Philadelphia, PA / The Petting Zoo, w/ Ian, Kal Marks, Banned Books
June 17th / Baltimore, MD / Zissimo's w/ The Wayward, Slendermen, Auxiliary Mammals
June 16th / Norfolk, VA / Pancho N Luigi's w/ Lou Breeders, Fat Spirit, Ladada
June 15th / Asheville, NC / Port-A-John
June 14th / Athens, GA / The Globe
June 13th / Nashville, TN / Betty's w/ Rusty Shackelford
June 12th / St Louis , MO / the Livery w/ Complainer , Double God, Hard Body
June 11th / Kansas City, MO / Harling's w/ Phantom Head, Tongues
June 10th / Minneapolis, MN / Sewards w/ Miami Dolphins , Cherry Death, Teenage Moods
June 9th / Madison, WI / Mickey's w/ Day Creeper
June 8th / Chicago, IL / the Empty Bottle w/ Wishgift, Cold Beat
June 7th / Ann Arbor, MI / 8Ball Saloon
June 6th / Athens Ohio / Bat Lounge w/ stella, RMGIII, Joe Walsh and the Scum
June 5th / Buffalo, NY / Milkies w/ Alpha Hopper, Toppus Bottomus
June 4th / Rochester, NY / the Carriage House w/ Alpha Hopper, The Temptators
June 3rd / Hadley, MA / I'm Floored House - w/ Digital Manure, Mike Mountain, COD

Colby and the Nasties
May 29th / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Visitations, Grape Room, the Lentils

(New England) Patriots
May 24th / Providence, RI / AS220   w/ Buck Gooter , Guerilla Toss, Finished, BRIDE
May 23rd / Portland, ME / Matthew's Pub  w/ Buck Gooter , Mouth Washington, Nuclear Bootz
May 17th /Cambridge, MA / The Sinclair w/ Lightning Bolt, Skimask
May 12th / Portsmouth, NH / the Red Door  w/ Pile , Lady Bones
April 25th / Somerville, MA  / Industry Lab w/ Multicult,  Albert Demuth, Whip Appeal
April 13th / Cambridge, MA / Zuzu's  w/ Ursula , the Channels
February 28th / Portland, ME / Geno's Rock Club w/ Taboo, Video Nasties, Tigerbomb
February 24th / Allston, MA / Great Scott w/ Pile, Kal Marks, Style
Colby Nathan
February 14th / New York, NY / Otto’s Shrunken Head w/ Ed Askew Band, CE Schneider Topical, Andrea Schiavelli
February 11th / Kutztown, PA / Rattail Record
February 10th / Harrisonburg, VA / Spaghetti World
February 9th / Richmond, VA / Auxiliary w/ Hunnie Bunnies, Mirror Men

Colby Nathan + Caethua tour (* C. Nathan w/ Patriots)
February 7th / Savannah, GA / the Sentient Bean
February 6th / Charleston, SC / Spaghetti Sack
February 5th / Asheville, NC / the Mothlight w/ Common Visions
February 4th / Chapel Hill, NC / the Nightlight
February 3rd / Baltimore, MD / 5th Dimension w/ Daniel Higgs trio
Februrary 2nd / Hudson, NY / the Spotty Dog (SNOWED OUT)
February 1st / Greenfield, MA / John Doe Jr. Records w/ Dredd Foole, Curse Purse, Omeed Goodarzi
January 31st / Providence, RI / Aurora w/ JPA Falzone Ensemble, Alex K Redfern & Luke Damrosch
January 30th / Storrs, CT / UCONN*
January 29th / Brooklyn, NY / Silent Barn* w/ Grape Room, the Lentils, C.E. Schneider Topical
January 28th / Portland, ME / New Systems Laundry w/ Garm, Greef, Greg Jamie/C. Nathan duo

(New England) Patriots
January 17th / Philadelphia, PA / PhilaMoCa - "Blistering Ephemera" fest
January 16th / Greenfield, MA / John Doe Jr Records w/ the Sediment Club, Zebu!, Remote Desire

Experimental Santa
December 23rd / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Gel Set, Matchess, Mr. Neet
December 22nd / Jamaica Plain, MA / Whitehaus w/ Bugs and Rats, Skimask, In Heat
December 21st / Easthampton, MA / Feedingtube Records

(New England) Patriots
December 20th / Lowell, MA / 119 Gallery w/ Curse Purse, Big Mess, Ian Kovac Jr Jr, Phurrnne, KSW Trio
December 3rd / Cambridge, MA / The Middlesex Lounge, Primordial Sounds farewell fest

Colby Nathan & Ralph White tour II
December 2nd / Providence, RI / Dan's House
December 1st / Turners Falls, MA / the Brick House w/ Tarp, Mal Devisa
November 30th / Worcester, MA / Firehouse w/ Clarissa Gartner
November 29th / Burlington, VT / New City Gallerie w/ Ghostcycles
November 28th / Toronto, ON / NLS PRZNTS
November 27th / Windsor, ON / the Meeting Place w/ Bubbah Ayoub, Soda Pop
November 25th / Ann Arbor, MI / 8Ball Saloon
November 23rd / Chicago, IL / House of Usher
November 22nd / Buffalo, NY / Le Manior De Merde
November 21st / Annandale-on-Hudson, NY / Bard house
November 20th / Philadelphia, PA / Titan House
November 19th / Brooklyn, NY / Grand Victory (No Colby on this one)
November 18th / New Haven, CT / Casa de Carrot w/ Dan Greene, Jacket Thor
November 17th / Easthampton, MA / the Homesteady w/ OJ, Flame N’ Peach
November 16th / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery w/ O’death, Death Vessel
November 15th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Whitehaus
November 14th / Dover, NH /Casa Bonobo w/ Noah Burton, New Socks
November 13th / Kennebunk, ME / potluck at my house

(New England) Patriots / Columba Fasciata
November 10th / Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio w/ Nandas, Pampers, Honey
November 9th / Annandale-On-Hudson / Bard College, NY
November 8th / Buffalo , NY / Spiral Scratch Records w/ Glamour Girls, Aaron&TheBurrs, Hot Tip
November 7th / Ann Arbor, MI / the Co-op w/ Super Thing, Human Skull
November 6th / Athens, OH / The Smiling Skull w/ RMG III, Sal Lake
November 5th / Nashville, TN / Ratsnakelodge w/ Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Spiritual Recess, Unguent
November 4th / Columbia, MO / The Berlin Cafe w/ Hard Body ,Spunky Toofers
November 3rd / Iowa City, IA / Gabe's w/ Alex Body, Gnarly Davidson
November 2nd /Minneapolis @ the rat hole, w/ the Pen Test, Diva 93
November 1st / Milwaukee, WI / Quarters w/ the Pen Test  
October 31st / Chicago, IL / Quenchers w/ ONO, Columba Fasciata, and Evil Beaver
(no Columba Fasciata)
October 30th / Cleveland, OH / the Church
October 29th / Pittsburgh, PA / Gooski's w/ Nancy, Sheer Mag
October 28th / Bennington, VT / Bennington College

(New England) Patriots
October 19th / Jamaica Plain, MA / the Midway w/ Soupcans, Buttercup, Nice Guys

Colby Nathan
October 1st / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Nate Ventura (Buttercup), Angelpain

Colby Nathan / Greg Jamie / Greg Hartunian
September 26th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax Fest w/ Big Blood + Video Nasties, Micah Blue Smaldone + Tom Kovacevic, Asa Irons + Village of Spaces

Greg Jamie / Greg Hartunian
September 24th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Ed Askew Band, Family Planning

(New England) Patriots
September 21st / Purchase, NY / SUNY Purchase w/ Ed Schrader's Music Beat
September 20th / Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio w/ Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Gooch Palms, Bugs and Rats

(New England) Patriots
September 6th / Biddeford, ME / The Oak & The Ax w/ Power Masters, The Sediment Club, ID M Theft Able, "Progress in The World of Fantasy"
September 5th / Somerville, MA / Cuisine En Locale, New England Underground Music Fest

(New England) Patriots / Greg Hartunian / Heart Murmur Sounds Good
August 29th / West Kennebunk, ME / NEST FEST 2
12:00 - Heart Murmur Sounds Good
12:40 - Family Planning
1:20 - Greg Jamie (O'D'E'A'T'H)
2:00 - Ao Oad
2:40 - Saralee
3:20 - DomeWZRD & Renaissance Bitch
3:40 - Nathan Ventura
4:20 - Dark Rodeo
5:00 - ded library (Witch Wolf)
5:40 - Yairms/AHLLHA
6:20 - Greg Hartunian
7:00 - Tom Kovacevic
7:40 - NE Patriots
8:20 - id m theft able
9:00 - Video Nasties
9:40 - Big Blood
10:20 - the false woodsman (Lazy Magnet)
11:00 - Guerilla Toss
11:40 - God's Dogs

Greg Hartunian
August 24th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Neverland w/ Kal Marks, Follies, Ivan Ooze

Colby Nathan
August 8th / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Blood Warrior, Indira Valey, Maladama

(New England) Patriots
August 3rd / Portland, ME / SPACE Gallery w/ Chain & The Gang , Ed Schrader's Music Beat
August 1st / Neverland, JP, MA w/ Miami Dolphins & Miami Doritos

Colby Nathan & Greg Hartunian & Whitney Allen
July 25th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Rick Rude, Comma, Perfect Hair

Greg Jamie band
July 4th / Portland, ME / Local Sprouts

(New England) Patriots
June 22nd / Jamaica Plain, MA / Deep Thoughts w/ Skimask, Palberta, Tig Bitty
June 21st / Biddeford, ME / the Oax and the Ax w/ Palberta, Butcher Boy
June 20th / Worcester, MA / Collective A Go Go w/ Palberta , Jeff , Worms, Show me the Body
June 19th / Northampton, MA / Feeding Tube Records w/ Palberta, Malatese, & Sophie Leetma with Morgan Kluck

Colby Nathan
June 18th / Brattleboro, VT / the Future w/ Palberta, Columba Fasciata, Headless Horse Head

(New England) Patriots
June 15th / Providence, RI / AS220 w/ Pile, Power Masters, Onslo
June 14th / Philadelphia, PA / The Great Indoors w/ Pile, Bad History Month, Dust From 1000 Years, Drums Like Machine Guns
June 13th / Brooklyn, NY / The Silent Barn w/ Pile, Dust from 1000 Years, Bad History Month, Porches
June 12th / Boston, MA / the Church w/ Ed Shrader's Music Beat, Skimask, The Gondoliers

Heart Murmur Sounds Good
June 10th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the AX w/ Bad History Month, Dust from 1000 Years, Family Planning

Colby Nathan
June 5th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Whitehaus w/ Fountainsun, Hurricanes of Love

(New England) Patriots
June 1st / Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio w/ Wei Zhongle, Palberta, Dog, Rose Morie
May 31st / Jamaica Plain,MA / Neverland w/ HorseLords, BUGS & Rats, Designer

Colby Nathan
May 29th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Pitch (Tayla), Dog, Methuin Muir, Older Men

(New England) Patriots
May 26th / Cambridge, MA / The MIddle East Upstairs w/  Ex-Cult, Designer, the Monsieurs

(New England) Patriots spring tour
May 5th / Cambridge, MA / Charlies Kitchen w/ Banned Books, PWR MSTRS, Charlie
Mar 3rd / Winooski, VT / Waking Windows Fest
May 2nd / Northampton, MA / a house w/ Dungeon Jungle
May 1st / Meridan, CT / Superposition w/ Ovlov, Dungeon Jungle
April 30th / Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio w/ Nancy, Bugs and Rats, Skimask
April 29th / Annandale-on-Hudson, NY / Bard College
April 28th / Kutztown, PA / Rat Milk w/ Ghost Dad, Shrouded Traveler
April 27th / Harrisonburg, VA / Crayola house w/ Hero Dishonest, Malatese
April 26th / Athens, OH / the Smiling Skull w/ Toupee, Gazer
April 25th / Detroit, MI / Black Lodge
April 24th / Ann Arbor, MI / the warehouse w/ Scared to Death
April 23rd / Chicago, IL / Wally's World - w/ Wishgift, Den, Pregnant Spore
April 22nd / St Louis, MO / the Livery w/ Braining, Beauty Pagent
April 21st / Kansas City, MO / the Union w/ Wayne Payne and the Shite Stayns
April 20th / Denton, TX / Macaroni Island w/ Bukkake Moms, Sackbeat, Ulnae, Bruce Hacked
April 19th / Austin TX / the Hole in the Wall w/ Daniel Francis Doyle
April 18th / Austin, TX / Dave's House w/ Ralph White
April 17th / Houston, TX / the AvanteGarden
April 16th / New Orleans, LA / Mushroom's w/ Curved Dog
April 15th / Birmingham, AL / the Firehouse
April 14th / Nashville, TN / the Other Basement
April 13th /  Asheville, NC / the Odditorium
April 12th / Durham, NC / Fellowship Hall w/ Yairms, The Emotron
April 11th / Charlottesville, VA / Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Buck Gooter, Golden Glasses
April 10th / New Brunswick, NJ /  The Ranch w/ Banned Books

(New England) Patriots
April 1st/ Providence, RI / LA's Birthday w/ Olneyville Sound System, Pwr Mstrs, Finished, Sire &more
March 31st / Cambridge, MA / Charlie’s Kitchen w/ Ukiah Drag, Lushes, Kill the Babysitter

Colby Nathan
March 24th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Enchanted (mems. Taboo), Fountainsun, Video Nasties

(New England) Patriots
March 22nd / Allston, MA / G0Bl1T0WN w/ Sunk Heaven, Black Noise, Smarty
March 15th / Belchertown, MA / A really old house w/ Lair, Ya Te Veo, Show Me the Body, Bolo Santosi, Onion

Greg Jamie/Colby Nathan/Greg Hartunian Green Creen Corm Tour
March 2nd / Los Angeles, CA / Pehrspace (w/o Greg Jamie)
March 1st / Los Angeles, CA / house show w/ Steady Lean
February 27th / San Francisco, CA / Buckingham Way
February 26th / Oakland, CA / Life Changing Ministries w/ Greg Gorlen, Stephanie Lak
February 23rd /Breightenbush, OR / Krisdin's House
February 22nd / Portland, OR / The North Hole
February 21st / Olympia, WA / the Mad House
February 19th / Seattle, WA / Cafe Racer w/ Pleasures
February 18th / Portland, OR / Townshend Tea w/ Brumes, Old Friend
February 17th / Eugene, OR / the Campbell Club
February 16th / Arcata, CA / the Bird House w/ Tabor Mountain, Tabloid
February 15th / Oakland, CA / Tendafoot
February 14th / Pomona, CA / the dA thank you Manny
February 12th / West Covina, CA / in the park w/ Jon Barba, etc.
February 11th / Los Angeles @ Lot 1 w/ slums, starved root

(New England) Patriots tour with Sediment Club
January 20th / Cambridge, MA /  Charlie's Kitchen w/ Skimask & Dog
January 19th /  Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio w/ Palberta, ADVAETA
January 18th / Baltimore, MD / The Crown w/ Cottaging, Dan Ivan
January 17th / Harrisonburg, VA / Crayola w/ Cottaging , Buck Gooter, Malatese
January 16th / Chapel Hill, NC / The Night Lite w/Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan
January 15th / Philadelphia, PA / LAVA Space w/ Nemesisters, Wet Food & 2 Suns
January 14th / Providence, RI / Kristina's World w/ Finished, Mincemeat or Tenspeed

January 8th / Jamaica Plain, MA / JP Drive In w/ Greg Jamie, Butcher Boy, Cantaloupe Head

Colby Nathan
January 3rd / Kittery, ME / Buoy w/ Wei Zhongle, Family Planning

(New England) Patriots
January 1st / Allston, MA / Great Scott w/ Pile, Gnarwhal, Woozy, Wei Zhongle, the Unicorn Fantasy


Experimental Santa
December 18th / Cambridge, MA / Freek Flag at Zuzu’s w/ Cult and Leper, Krill

Colby Nathan + Ralph White tour
December 12th / Brooklyn, NY / Union Pool w/ Peter Stampfel (no show/he forgot), Daniel Bachman
December 11th / Annandale on Hudson, NY @ Bard College
December 10th / Portsmouth, NH / the Red Door w/ Blood Warrior
December 8th / Kittery, ME / Ryan Harrison's house w/ Blood Warrior, mwchins
December 7th  / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Blood Warrior, mwchins and Miss Olivia Kennett
December 6th / Lowell, MA / 119 Gallery w/ mwchins, Miss Olivia Kennett
December  5th / Worcester, MA / Firehouse w/ Frank Hurricane, Sister Mary
December 4th / Providence, RI / Funky Jungle w/ Frank Hurricane
December 3rd / Boston, MA / Deep Thoughts JP w/ Frank Hurricane, Nate Ventura
December 2nd / New Haven, CT / Neverending Books w/ Kath Bloom
December 1st / Brattleboro, VT / Peter’s studio w/ Luke Csehak's Cornucopia Juice, Hurricanes of Love
November 30th / Montague, MA / Book Mill w/ Frozen Corn, Frank Hurricane
November 29th / Philadelphia, PA / Spruce Caboose w/ Ghost in Salad, Geb the Great Cackler, Kellzo’s lecture on Harry Flynt
November 28th / New York, NY / 11th st bar (w/o Colby)

(New England) Patriots
November 16th / Providence, RI / Kristina’s World w/ Guerilla Toss, Bugs and Rats, Skimask
November 13th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Quilt

Greg Jamie / Colby Nathan
November 12th / Portland, Me / Strange Maine  w/ Sondra Sun Odeon, Orion Rigel Dommisse

(New England) Patriots
November 8th / Cambridge, MA / the Cantab Lounge, Boston Hassle Fest
November 2nd / Jamaica Plain, MA / JP Drive In w/ Oozing Wound, the Dreebs, Bbigpigg, Ancient Filth

Heart Murmur Sounds Good
October 25th / South Portland, ME / the Nest w/ Saralee, Giving Up, Tom Kovacevic, Greef

Colby Nathan weekend with Lisa/Liza and Nesey Gallons
October 13th / Burlington, VT / Flynn Ave w/ Spacemen Saturday Night, Life MusiK mit Andre
October 11th / Portsmouth, NH / the Red Door

(New England) Patriots tour with SKIMASK
October 6th / Brighton, MA / Roggie’s w/ Fielded, Tsons of Tsunami, Bongwish (no Skimask for this one)
October 5th / Bard College, NY / Lazar's Huse w/ Palberta
October 4th / Philadelpha, PA / Golden Tea House w/ Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders, Bad Doctors
October 3rd / Baltimore MD / The Crown w/ Dan Deacon, Vlonde
October 2nd / Arlington, NC / CD Cellar w/ Escape-ism
October 1st / Greensboro, NC / New York Pizza
September 30th / Athens, GA / a warehouse w/ Faun and a Pan Flute
September 29th / Nashville, TN / The Other Basement, w/ Babes, Breast Massage
September 28th / Louisville, KY / CROPPED OUT MUSIC FEST 2013
September 27th / Lexington, KY / a sports bar w/ Street Gnar, Today's Hits
September 26th / Carbondale, IL / the Swamp - w/ Spelling Bee
September 25th / Chicago, IL / Lake Paradise - w/ Toupee
September 24th / Ann Arbor, MI / 8-Ball Saloon w/ Howlin Loud and Alfred Turner
September 23rd / Columbus OH / Carabar w/ stella
September 22nd / Athens, OH / the Lodge - w/ Frankie Teardrop
September 21st / Harrisonburg, VA / the Crayola House - w/ Kal Marks & Malatese
September 20th / Binghamton, NY / 16house w/ Dog, 100% Black
September 19th / Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio - w/ Alien Trilogy & Big Ups

Colby Nathan
September 3rd / South Portland, ME / the Nest w/ Tracey Trance, Savage Young Taterbug, Herbcraft

(New England) Patriots
September 13th / Jamaica Plain, MA / JP Drive-In w/ Skimask, Dog, Lair
August 24th / Brighton, MA / Roggie’s w/ the Coathangers (ATL.), Nice Guys, White Pages, Special People
August 24th / Allston, MA / Allston DIY Fest in Ringer Park
August 16th / Portland, ME / Bayside Bowl
August 15th / Portsmouth, NH / the Red Door w/ Comma, Mind Your Mother

Colby Nathan as Hyena
August 7th / Hadley, MA / Andrew’s House w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Saralee, 100% Black, Dog

(New England) Patriots
August 6th / Allston, MA / O’Brien’s Pub w/ Frankie Teardrop, Britches, Arian Shafiee

Colby Nathan
August 4th / Portland, ME / Peter’s house w/ Ed Askew band
August 3rd / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Lisa/Liza, Soft Healer

(New England) Patriots
July 24th / Cambridge, MA / Middle East Corner w/ Designer, Hands !, Hot Daughter

Colby Nathan
July 19th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Tim Cushing, Greg Jamie
July 18th / Boston, MA / Cheap Seats

July 17th / Cambridge, MA / ZuZu – Freak Flag w/ Broons

(New England) Patriots
July 15th / Cambridge, MA / Charlie’s Kitchen w/ Casanovas in Heat, Nice Guys, No Fun

June 22nd / Boston, MA / the DZ  w/ Dark Rodeo, Vio/Miré, Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

(New England) Patriots
June 21st / Boston, MA / Jaques Underground w/ the Gondoliers, Donna Parker, Cathy Cathodic

Colby Nathan
June 18th / Biddeford, ME / Light Blanket Studios

June 11th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Diane Cluck

(New England) Patriots
June 9th / Allston, MA / Disco Zucks w/ PC Worship, Aykroyd
June 2nd / Somerville, MA / Radio w/ Guerilla Toss, Bugs and Rats, Designer

Greg Jamie with Colby Nathan
May 31st / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ George Sand, Glass Anchors

Elephant - Berlin shows:
August 16 / Berlin, DE / Madame Claude
June 18th / Berlin, DE / Loophole Bar
May 6th / Berlin, DE / Valentin Stüberl

Colby Nathan solo "comedy tour"
May 11th / Bennington, VT / Bennington College w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Follies
May 10th / Winooski, VT / Waking Windows fest w/ Fat History Month, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Son of Salami, Great Valley, Guerilla Toss
May 5th / Northampton, MA / King St. Manor w/ tacos
May 1st / Boston, MA / Deep Thoughts JP w/ Boxhead, Olden Yolk
April 26th / Bar Harbor, ME / LOMPOC w/ O’death, Coke Weed
April 25th / Portland, ME / SPACE w/ O’death, Coke Weed, Butcher Boy
April 24th / Purchase, NY / Whitson’s w/ Iji, the Dreebs
April 23rd / Brooklyn, NY / house show
April 22nd / Manhattan, NY / Googie’s
April 21st / Philadelphia, PA / Fiume
April 19th / Baltimore, MD / the Zoo
April 14th / Durham, NC / Fellowship Hall w/ Yairms
April 13th / Greensboro, NC / TYP House w/ Yairms, Black Santa, Totally Slow
April 12th / Ashville, NC / house show w/ Yairms, Nothing But Net, Housefire
April 7th / Nashville, TN / Owl Farm w/ How Cozy, Whose Loofah?
April 5th / St. Augustine / the Standard
April 4th / Orlando, FL / Uncle Lou’s
April 3rd / Tallahassee, FL / Greenhouse
April 1st / New Orleans, LA / Taylor’s house w/ Buffalo Death Rattle, Up Up We Go!
March 31st / New Orleans, LA / Reality House Nursing Home w/ Them Natives, Resurrection Party
March 30th / Houston, TX / the Doctor’s Office
March 28th / Austin, TX / Trailer Space Records
March 22nd / Austin, TX / the Mad Stork's house w/ Ralph White

March 2nd / Pomona, CA / dA Center for the Arts w/ Washing Machines, the Lowered, No Paws

Hyena wess coss trrr
February 24th / Silverlake, CA / house show
February 16th / Pomona, CA / the dA Center for the Arts w/ Shivering Window, Crisis Arm, Light Light, Infinity Dots
February 15th / Big Sur, CA / Big Sur Tap House w/ Levi Strom
February 14th / Stockton, CA / Plea For Peace w/ Filbert, Awahnichi
February 13th / Arcata, CA / Blondies w/ Buddy Reed
February 12th / Portland, OR / Red and Black
February 11th / Portland, OR / Phil's house! w/ Follies, Omeed Goodarzi
February 10th / Olympia, WA / Le Voyeur Cafe
February 9th / Seattle, WA / Another Dream w/ Weird Bug, Humble Cub, Heavy Petting
February 8th / Portland, OR / the Record Room w/ Michael Hurley, Dragging An Ox Through Water, P / U / C
February 6th / Santa Barbara, CA / Biko Infoshop w/ Landoooo

(New England) Patriots liberation-fest 2013 winter tour w/ Fat History Month
January 24th / Harrisonburg, VA / The Crayola
January 23rd / Raleigh, NC / Yerducken House
January 22nd / Asheville, NC / The Get Down
January 21st / Atlanta, GA / The Office
January 20th / Murfreesboro, TN / Franky Avalon House w/ Gnarwhal
January 19th / Nashville, TN / Tower 2 at the WTC w/ How Cozy
January 18th / Cincinatti, OH / Baba Budans (terrible place) w/ Frankie Teardrop
January 17th / Athens, OH / Casa Nueva w/ Frankie Teardrop
January 16th / Richmond, VA / The Bauhaus
January 15th / New Brunswick, NJ / The Alamo
January 14th / Brooklyn, NY / Death By Audio  w/ Daniel Higgs & Kid Millions/Arrington De Dionyso Duo
January 13th / Boston, MA / Cambridge Elks Lodge, " Boston Underground Summit 5"  w/ Bugs and Rats, Cottaging, Ramming Speed, True Cross & More
January 12th / Allston, MA @ Boogerslop w/ Skimask, Nice Guys in Allston

Colby Nathan
January 3rd / Allston, MA / Saunder’s Family Manor w/ Sophie Dickinson, Markhor, Lisa/Liza, Olden Yolk, Dawn Fauna, Quilt


December 22nd / Cambridge, MA / Lilypad w/ Kenneth Higney (no show), Gary War (cancelled last min.)

(New England) Patriots
December 15th / Brighton, MA  / Tim M's Place w/  Designer, Rotten Apples, The Carters
December 14th/ York, ME / Black Norse Hayward Home w/  Hurricanes of Love, Dark Rodeo, Slimers, Grave Danger
December 7th / Somerville, MA / Moe's Lounge w/ Guerilla Toss, In Heat
December  6th / Amherst, MA / Darl's House w/  SKIMASK, Frank Hurricane, Motel Mattress (police came), Rat Power, Pony Bones
December 5th / Winooski, VT / the Monkey House w/ Ronin Shogunate, Spacemen Saturday Night, Talk Show Ghosts, Lifemusik Mit Andre
November 13th / Allston, MA / O'brien's w/ The Dreebs, Guerilla Toss, Rotten Apples
November 12th / Allston, MA / Great Scott w/ Cave, Running, People of the North, Fjords

November 1st / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Fat History Month, Dust from 1000 Years

Greg Jamie with Colby Nathan
October 27th / Portland, ME / Strange Maine w/ B.R. Garm, Daniel Bachman

(New England) Patriots
October 24th / Allston, MA / Smokey Bear Cave w/ Slutever, The Great Valley, Dark Rodeo
October 12th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Whitehaus+ Gay Gardens w/ Cloud Becomes Your Hand (NYC), Bang! Bros , Guerilla Toss, The Great Valley (police came, show moved)

Kath Bloom / Colby Nathan
October 5th / Amherst, MA / Food for Thought Books w/ Frozen Corn, Happy Jawbone Family Band
October 6th / New Haven, CT / Yale Marsh Botanical Gardens w/ Ed Askew Band
October 7th / New York, NY / Pete’s Candy Store w/ Ed Askew Band

Greg Jamie with Colby Nathan
September 21st / Brunswick, ME / Frontier w/ Arborea

(New England) Patriots
September 14th / Allston, MA / Gay Gardens w/ True Cross, Microwaves, Guerilla Toss, Thunderhole, Gondoliers, Royal Wedding

September 7th / Allston, MA / Gay Gardens w/ Bone Rattle, Secondary Modern, On the Water, CGS Trio

Hyena / Heart Murmur Sounds Good
September 6th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ On the Water, Billy Carr

(New England) Patriots
September 5th / Cambridge, MA / Middlesex Lounge w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band

(New England) Patriots / Elephant / Heart Murmur Sounds Good
August 11th / West Kennebunk, ME / CANCELLED MESS NEST FEST

(New England) Patriots
July 23rd / Allston, MA / Blimpie Shippy w/ Hunnie Bunnies, Skimask (Skoal Kodiak, Myrrh – van trouble)
July 20th / Allston, MA / Goey Gizzard's w/ Bees///, %100 Black, Trach

July 7th / Boston, MA  / 3 Wave Jump w/ Bird Names, Rotten Apples, the Fucktrots, Big Bugs, Arkm Foam

(New England) Patriots
July 4th / Allston, MA / Guay's Gunoco w/ Pile, Fat History Month, Sun Hotel, Florida=Death
June 30th / Allston, MA / Hen House w/ Gloaming, Gero and Ide, 974 Future Yook
June 15th / Allston, MA / Butch Shepard's w/ Guerilla Toss, Whoarfrost, Zebu!, Rotten Apples
June 3rd / Allston, MA / Gilbert Grape's w/ Saralee, Gero and Ide, Spook Houses, Bad Sound

Colby Nathan
June 1st / Boston, MA / The Ding a Ling w/ Quinn, Honey, Great Smokey, the IOA

May 6th / Allston, MA / Gary's Garage w/ Micah Blue Smaldone, Coke Weed, Warren

May 16th / Lowell, MA / Ant cellar w/ Saralee
May 17th / Biddeford, ME / Oak and the Ax w/ Tom Kovacevic, Rural Ghosts, Tralala
May 18th / Northampton, MA / King St Manor w/ Great Valley, Follies, Luminous in Nummer
May 19th / Allston, MA / Sealbeard's w/ Kal Marks, Banned Books

May 21st / Cambridge, MA / Zuzu (Freak Flag benefit) w/ Fat History Month

Kath Bloom / Colby Nathan
April 27th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Whitehaus w/ Dark Rodeo, Frozen Corn

Colby Nathan
April 17th / Allston, MA / Gay Gardens w/ Civil Slingers, Vermont Joy Parade

Hyena/Great Valley tour
April 1st / Allston, MA/ Gay Gardens
March 31st / Providence, RI / Funky Jungle w/ Hot Holy Mess, the Universes, Holiday Mountain
March 30th / Brooklyn, NY / the Moon II w/ Pile, Fat History Month
March 29th / Philadelphia, PA / Little Berlin w/ Hermit Thrushes
March 28th / Purchase, NY / Whitson's
March 27th / Harrisonburg, VA / Blue Nile
March 26th / Athens, GA / Secret Squirrel w/ Bird Names, Bubbly Mommy Gun
March 24th / Atlanta, GA / did this happen???  Or did we play Asheville the 26th?
March 23rd / Tallahassee, FL / house show
March 22nd / Orlando, FL / Stardust Coffee and Video
March 20th / St. Augustine, FL / Nobby's
March 19th / Pensacola, FL / Sluggo's
March 18th / New Orleans, LA / The Saint Bar w/ Spacebros2
March 17th / New Orleans, LA / Mudlark Theatre
March 16th / Houston, TX / Super Happy Fun Land
March 15th / Austin, TX / House of Commons co-op
March 14th / Austin, TX / Dave’s Apartment w/ Guerilla Toss, Ralph White
March 13th / Austin, TX / PPP Showcase
March 12th / Conway, AR / The White House w/ Guerilla Toss
March 10th / Chicago, IL / Nowheresville w/ The Funs, Billy Crystal Meth
March 9th / Oberlin, OH / Oberlin College – did this happen?
March 8th / Brattleboro, VT / Marlboro College

March 3rd / Allston, MA / Eleanor St. w/ Fat History Month, Great Valley, Battle Ave.

(New England) Patriots
February 28th / Allston, MA / Butchershop w/ Royal Baths, Krill, Hot Tub Panorama
February 24th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Video Underground w/ F.D.O.M.E., Creaturos, The Needy Visions

Colby Nathan & Kassie Carlson duo
January 9th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Butcher Boy, Cowboy Band, Patter Cubs


Experimental Santa
December / Allston, MA / several street performances

November 14th / Allston, MA / Twin Towers w/ Arvid Noe, Skimask, Guerilla Toss

November 13th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Ancestral Diet, Taboo
October 20th / Jamaica Plain, MA / Muthership w/ Molasses, Luna Moth, Blue Valley Farmer

Colby Nathan
October 9th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax solo w/ Kath Bloom, Levi Strom

October 5th / Cambridge, MA / Middlesex Lounge w/ Arvid Noe

Colby Nathan as Hyena
September 15th / Purchase, NY / Whitson’s w/ Dustin Wong, Max Alper, Ami Dang

August 30th / Staunton, VA / Gone Studio w/ Big Drum Sky Religion cancelled but no one told us, haha
August 29th / Greensboro, NC / The Science House
August 28th / Athens, GA / The Plush Palace w/ Netherfriends, Blastoids, Terror Pigeon
August 27th / Memphis, TN / The Frame
August 26th / Fayetteville, AR / a bar
August 25th / Norman, OK / Form+Function Lab  w/ Glass Bird, Luna Moth, King Mary
August 23rd / Albuquerque, NM / did we play a show?
August 22nd / Phoenix, AZ / Jeremy’s house w/ Yairms, ALHHLA, Monophonic Hillside
August 19th / Sherman Oaks, CA / Jake’s Garage
August 15th / Los Angeles, CA / Pehrspace
August 13th / Los Angeles, CA / Oragami Records
August 12th / Phoenix, AZ / Filmbar w/ Yairms, Monophonic Hillside, Happy Snakes
August 11th / Tucson, AZ / Skrappy’s
August 10th / Albuquerque / Winning’s Coffee w/ Fat History Month, Ugh God, Roo
August 8th / Austin, TX / BBQ at Dave’s
August 7th / Austin, TX / Trophy’s w/ Cardinal Cool
August 6th / Austin, TX / Skinny’s Ballroom w/ Some Say Leland
August 5th / New Orleans, LA / Mudlark Theater w/ Proud Father
August 4th / Birmingham, AL / Green Bar w/ Younger Siblings
August 2nd / Atlanta, GA / Wonderroot w/ Leotards, Ghost Lights, Jesse Nighswonger
August 1st / Nashville, TN / ????  w/ Avid Gardener
July 31st / Bloomington, IN / Rockits Pizza w/ Dust from 1000 Years, Ponyboy
July 30th / Chicago, IL / Hungry Man Gallery  w/ Pool Holographs, Pirates
July 29th / Jamestown, NY / Labyrinth
July 28th / Philadelphia, PA / EMODA Gallery w/ On the Water, Tamarin
July 27th / Brooklyn, NY / Bruar Falls  
July 26th / Allston, MA / Great Scott w/ Worldmap, Arvid Noe, Skimask, Double Awake
July 25th / Providence, RI / 119 Pembroke w/ Arvid Noe
July 24th / Northampton, MA / Flywheel w/ Fat History Month, Ugh God, Graph
July 23rd / Allston, MA / Allston DIY Fest and Problemhouse
July 22nd / Lowell, MA / the Dirty Douglas w/ the Emotron, Big Mess
July 21st / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax  w/ Blood Warrior, Great Valley, Some Say Leland

June 21st / West Kennebunk, ME / NEST FEST 1
June 9th / Portland, ME / Strange Maine w/ Scooter
May 26th / Portland, ME / Poland St. w/ Arvid Noe, Skimask, Fat History Month, Patter Cubs
May 16th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, id m theft able

Colby Nathan
May 14th / Kennebunkport, ME / Graves Library solo doing original children’s music

April 9th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Ancestral Diet, Dream Apart Ment, Elephant
March 31st / Annandale-on-Hudson / Bard College Smog w/ Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Fairweather Blonde, Act of…
March 25th / Portland, ME / Strange Maine w/ Glade Swope, Dan Knudsen

Mems. Hyena + the Delay – Pixies cover band
March 20th / Purchase, NY / Stood

Hyena / Elephant
March 17th / Providence, RI / Bld 16 w/ Tin Tree Factory, Jelen, Zoya Narval

March 10th / Allston, MA / Problemhouse Sarah Meyers’ Fritz Lang’s “M” w/ Volcano Kings, Boylan A Dream, Funny Money

Colby Nathan as Hyena
March 9th / Portland, ME / Poland St w/ the Waldos, the Milkman’s Union

March 5th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ O’death, Butcher Boy
February 26th / Allston, MA / Gay Gardens w/ Elephant, Arvid Noe, Kal Marks, Big Muff
January 29th / Allston, MA / Problemhouse or Gay Gardens???


Hyena / Elephant
November 27th / Sherman Oaks, CA / Malaga Road w/ Follies, Wishbone

November 13th / Biddeford, ME / the Oak and the Ax w/ Marie Stella, Hyena, Elephant, BIG MUFF
October 14th / Purchase, NY / Purchase College w/ Diane Cluck, Little Teeth
September 1st / Brooklyn, NY / Shea Stadium w/ Data Dog, Eskalators, the Equines, antn hrkwk
August 14th / Kennebunk, ME / Laughable Barn w/ Micah Blue Smaldone, Civil Slingers

Hyena summer tour
Aug. 1st / Allston, MA / Problem House w/ Ugh God, Spelling Bee, Fat History Month, Pile
July 31st / Jamestown, NY / Labyrinth
July 30th / Cleveland, OH / (Believeland)
July 28th / Chicago, IL / Savannah’s closed cafe
July 23rd / Denver, CO / Thee Tee Housee w/ Waters Boylan, Eleny Ramos Jeri
July 19th / Portland, OR / Stank House
July 17th / Oakland, CA / WE Gallery
July 12th / Los Angeles, CA / Perhspace
July 11th / Los Angeles, CA / Echo Curio
July 10th / Los Angeles, CA / Women of Crenshaw
July 8th / Phoenix, AZ / Dressing Room w/ Yairms
July 7th / Tucson, AZ / The Hang Art
July 6th / Albuquerque, NM / Winning Coffee
July 5th / Albuquerque, NM / Tree House
July 4th / Albuquerque, NM / Rio Grande riverside party
July 3rd / Norman, OK / Universe City: Bill and Dee's Lounge
July 2nd / Fort Worth, TX / Hemphill 1919
June 30th / New Orleans, LA / Marigny Theatre
June 28th / Pensacola, FL / a bar
June 27th / Tallahassee, FL /  Engine Room
June 26th / St. Augustine, FL / BPC Warehouse
June 24th / Atlanta, GA / Wonderroot  
June 23rd / Athens, GA / Party Party Partners
June 18th / Baltimore, MD / Pet Cemetary cancelled upon arrival, played Tyler’s grad party with strep  
June 17th / Philadelphia, PA / Cara's house right when they were taking four loko off the market
June 16th / Brooklyn, NY / Party Expo (this was a rough night)
June 13th / Brooklyn, NY / Shea Stadium
June 12th / Newburgh, NY / Kevin's wife's bday party
June 11th / Providence, RI / Building 16
June 10th / Allston, MA / Gay Gardens
June 9th / Kennebunk, ME / Laughable Barn w/ the Wild, Doctor Dinosaur

February 26th / New Brunswick, NJ / Meat Town USA w/ Shellshag, Dangerous Ponies, Turbo Fruits
February 20th / Allston, MA / Problemhouse w/ Arvid Noe, Many Mansions, Blissed Out, Poltergeist Friction
January 24th / Allston, MA / O’Brien’s Pub w/ Arvid Noe, Kal Marks, Baby Brainwaves


Colby Nathan as Hyena
November 6th / Staten Island, NY / Wagner Coffeehouse w/ Timothy Cushing

November 5th / New Brunswick, NJ / Meat Town USA w/ Snowbaby, the Divine Loraine, Dank Mason ??
October 30th / Allston, MA / Problemhouse w/ Talk Normal, Big Bear, Teaadora, Arvid Noe, Kal Marks
October 2nd / Allston, MA / Problemhouse w/ Quilt, Blissed Out, Many Mansions, Wonders, The Craters

Colby Nathan as Hyena
June 15th / Gent, BE / het Volkshuis
June 3rd / Stockholm, SE / Landet
May 27th / Stockholm, SE /
May 26th / Berlin, DE / Loophole
May 24th / Berlin, DE / White Rabbit Gallery
May 6th / Paris, FR / Rigoletto w/ Edie Segdwick, Kimmo, Horseas
April 26th / Gent, BE / Espace Ladda w/ Cam Deas, Burial Hex, Spoono
April 9th / Paris, FR / La Mecanique Ondulatoire w/ Woods, el-G
February 17th / Gent, BE / Het Zwarte Gat
January 24th / Paris, FR / Magdalena’s Living Room
December / Gent, BE / Rariteitenkabinet Villa Drashhoek


Colby Nathan as Hyena
November 19th / Gent, BE / Ooievaarstraat 41

In the Distance: a Light!
February 29th / Manhattan, NY / Bowery Poetry Club w/ the Dandy Lions

*still compiling show history from 2008 and earlier - though summer 2008 began the official beginning of Laughable Recordings and summer 2018 marked the official close of the Laughable Barn*