Good Morning

photo by Alex Nelson

featuring performances at: the Apohadion Theater, Portland, ME / Outwardbound mix tape session at RBC, Dallas, TX / Dream Away Lodge, Beckett, MA / Lyric Hall Theater, New Haven, CT / Columbus Theater, Providence, RI / Quinn’s, Beacon, NY / Fleetwoods, Asheville, NC / Dorchester Art Project, Boston, MA / Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, Burlington, VT / and beaches Willard and Parsons

My name is Colby Nathan.  I grew up here in Southern Maine, and I live here still.  I’ve bounced around, but I love it here. I perform in many outfits.  I feel that collaboration exercises development, diversity emboldens growth, and experience is understanding.  Music has been my easiest access point to  pursue these values/practices.  It’s also a lot of fun - to play.  I’ve given in to it.  It never gets boring.   It’s the only thing that I truly live for beside my pup, cold ocean dips, and icecream.  And love for family and friends.  I play different roles in all these bands, but I can also be spotted rolling solo (me and Tina, that is).  I certainly admire uncompromising lifers, and aspire to be one.

Laughable Recordings celebrated ten years last summer with a final barn show where it rained inside.   Perhaps essentially a vanity label, though I’ve done small releases for folks I admire over the years. Less and less as finances have been demanded by other arenas of life, but they still happen now and then.  All of the releases are collaborative and personal.  Not sure what kinda label this is supposed to be - I originally thought it could be some sorta dumping grounds.  Is what it is.  

New recordings are coming soon from many of the following bands. Shows are being played... where?

Here are my main collaborations (click the names for links): 

comatose pop duo with Greg Hartunian operating in flux out of Southern Maine and Southern California.
Greg owns and operates an impressively vibey recording studio in Glendale, CA called Tropico Beauty

Clay Camero and the County Line Bandits
psychedelic country stylings from frontwoman Clay Camero (formerly Caethua, Ancestral Diet, Sports, etc.)
featuring a fine cast of collaborative friends. 

(New England) Patriots
freaky post post punk trio featuring two friends that I’ve been playing music with since I was fourteen.  DK and Fool Diddly have been playing together since they were toddlers.

Tom K. & C. Nathan duo
Tom Kovacevic and I elaborate on each other’s songs.  Link is to Tom’s music that I had nothing to do with recording, but admire greatly.  
hack and pray construction.

Greg Jamie band
moody space folk that I recorded for my buddy Greg.  Lately I’ve been playing bass in his live band.

you can often find me sharing bills and guesting with some of my heros like:
Big BloodVideo Nasties 

and from afar, the excellent Ralph White

Many thanks to Feeding Tube Records, Nicey Music, Dontrustheruin, 100% Breakfast for helping release my friends and my music. 

Thank you to the Maine Arts Commission for awarding me the Resilience Artist Grant in the spring of 2021 to help continue to make improvements to the Laughable Recordings in-house studio despite the financial challenges as a musician/engineer due to 2020 pandemic.